How To Get Accounting Jobs In Houston, TX

How To Get Accounting Jobs In Houston, TX
finding accounting jobs in Houston can be tough 1 - Take advantage of our accounting job search tool for the Houston area. There are usually close to 1,000 active accounting job openings at any given time. Jobs are sorted by posted date.

2 - Familiarize yourself with the biggest accounting firms in Houston. These are places to aspire to work and often have the most opportunities given their size. Introduce yourself, find someone on linked in to connect with or simply look for jobs at their specific practice.

Here is a list of 5 big Houston public accounting firms to help in your search:

  • Calvetti, Ferguson & Wagner PC
  • Easley, Endres, Parkhill & Brackendorff
  • Fitts, Roberts & Company
  • H.R. Shaikh, Seyar LLP
  • Harper & Pearson Company, P.C.

    You can always of course try the national accounting firms like Deloitte or Price Waterhouse. But these large corporate firms can be tough to navigate.

    3 - Research accounting job salaries in Houston. You want a high paying job right? See which specialties and companies to focus no to maximize your earnings.